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The mission of the Santa Rosa Mothers' Club (SRMC) is to provide an environment where mothers and children can develop friendships and community, exchange information, and have valued opportunities for social interaction with other mothers, children and families. 

SRMC was founded in 1991 by a group of Santa Rosa moms. We are  a volunteer-run organization who work hard to support each other. Since that first meeting in 1991, the Board has brought a multitude of  features to the membership, including playgroups, mommy night outs, speaker events on relevant parenting topics, meals for moms, a dynamic website with ideas and information, social and fundraising events, membership-based discounts from  local retailers, and an online community for parenting advice and support.


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Thank you for choosing to join the Santa Rosa Mothers’ Club. We are so pleased that you have joined us. We hope you find the friendship and support every mom deserves. We offer a blog containing articles, recipes and craft ideas! Our members have exclusive access to our:

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We love our board members! If you would like to join our amazing team please message our president or please feel free to attend any of our monthly meetings.

President - Daisy Baskin
Vice President - Lisa Jani
Treasurer - Pauline Maple Hsu
Secretary - Alyssa Parker
Memberships - Helen Barber
Education - Alex Wilson
Playgroups - Helen Barber
Fundraisers - Alyssa Parker

Meals for Moms - Anna Goetz
Events Calendar - All Board Members
Moms Night Out - Lisa Jani
Technology Support -
Website Design - Lili Beechinor
Website Advertising - Tara Beiden
Website Content Coordinator -

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 9651
Santa Rosa CA 95401

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